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Installation of Vertical Injection Molding Machine

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The installation of vertical injection moulding machine is mainly divided into three parts. The first is power supply system, the second is to check direction of oil pump, and the third is the installation of cooling system.

Power supply system of vertical injection moulding machine. Before connecting the main power supply, please turn off the power switch and check whether the supply voltage is AC380V/50HZ (using three-phase five-wire system). For the fuselage and the bottom line face, please refer to power system usage regulations. Electric power supply is equipped with a machine connected with an air switch, which shall be used in accordance with regulations of electric power department. The cross-sectional area of power cord is more than 6 mm2. Wiring must not be reconnected or damaged in the middle of the way in order to prevent leakage accidents. The N phase and PE phase must be separated and not connected. The resistance of R.S.T to PE phase must be greater than 1MΩ.

vertical injection moulding machine

Check oil pump steering of vertical injection moulding machine. Close the air switch to start the motor and turn it off immediately to see if the direction of rotation of the motor is the same as the direction of the red arrow on the motor. If the direction is different, turn off the power supply and replace any two of three phases. Note: The motor oil pump can not be started until the suitable hydraulic oil is injected into the tank of hydraulic system.

Installation of cooling system of vertical injection moulding machine. The oil temperature of hydraulic oil rises and oil quality deteriorates after it is operated by electrical appliances for a period of time. Therefore, oil temperature must be controlled between 40 and 55 degrees Celsius. The lower right side of the machine is a cooler, the upper end is a water outlet, and the lower end is a water inlet connected by an external water pipe, and a water valve is installed to control the water flow. After the water pipe is connected, the water supply is checked to see if the water source is unblocked and whether there is leakage. Cooling pipes of different machines have different diameters. Please connect them with the corresponding diameters when taking over. To ensure the cooling effect, the cooling water supply is not less than 40L/min.

vertical injection moulding machine

After installation of the whole vertical injection molding machine, do a good job of cleaning, and check whether the configuration is in the normal state, and finally can enter the normal work.

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