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The present situation and trend of China machine industry

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The plastic machine industry in China began in the late 50s of the last century. After nearly fifty years of development, especially the rapid development since the reform and opening up, and the leap forward development after the new century, it has made great achievements and made great historical changes and made great changes in China. The plastic machine industry has become the world's attention in the world. It is very important, and the production output is the first in the world. Although China is not yet a powerful manufacturing power, the national plastic machinery industry is making efforts to promote industrial upgrading, strives to catch up with the world's advanced level, and stride forward to the road to create a powerful country in plastic machinery.

1. China presses the focus of reason

At present, the development of plastic machine in China is attracting the attention of the world. One is that the annual output of plastic machinery in China is the first in the world, and it has an important impact on the world plastic machine market. Two is the increase in the export quantity of Chinese plastic machines and the rising of the total export value, thus making the global plastic machine market pattern New changes have taken place; three is because the product advantages of Chinese plastic machine are obvious, not only the product quality is assured, but also the price ratio is high, the competitive power is quite competitive in the foreign market. The four is because the development speed of the Chinese plastic machine is amazed by the world counterparts, and the adjustment of the industrial structure is not fast, the product grade is increasing, and the quality of the product is increasing. International competition should be included in a wider range, wider field and higher level.

2. eight points to reflect the current situation of Chinese machine industry
With the continuous and rapid development of the plastic machine industry in China, the global recognition of Chinese plastic machines has been greatly improved, so the status of the plastic machine industry in the world has also improved significantly. At present, the plastic machine industry in China not only has a large consumer market with broad prospects and huge space, but also has formed an industrial system with complete categories, fairly large scale, a relatively advanced level, which can basically meet domestic demand and have considerable international competitive ability, and has formed a distinctive feature of industrial clusters and enterprises all over the country. The structure of the industry.
According to the statistics of the National Bureau of statistics and the General Administration of China Customs, the economic operation of the plastic machinery industry in China in 2007 has shown an overall upward trend, with the following 8 highlights.

(1) the scale of the total volume was expanding. It mainly displays in: "two increases and two breakthroughs". The "two increase" refers to: first, the number of enterprises whose sales income is above 5 million yuan is increasing. The two is the increase in the number of employees.
The two breakthrough is: first, the total assets of the industry will exceed 20 billion yuan for the first time, and the total output value of industry will exceed 20 billion yuan for the first time in two.

(2) the total amount of sales is constantly leaping. The main manifestation is: "two leaping". First, the total sales value has crossed 20 billion yuan mark for the first time, and the two is sales revenue for the first time to exceed 20 billion yuan mark.

(3) the export income is rising. The export value of the whole industry increased from 3 billion 42 million yuan in 2006 to 4 billion 166 million yuan in 2007, an increase of 36.92% over the same period.

(4) industry profits are rising. Specifically, the total profit of the industry has increased significantly, the annual profit rate of the industry has increased significantly, and the profits of enterprises have increased significantly.

(5) the strength of science and technology has been continuously strengthened. In China, nearly 10 colleges and universities have set up the specialty of plastic molding machinery and have a master qualification. Among them, two key universities have also set up doctoral points. In China's plastic machine industry, there are 3 national professional research centers (polymer new molding equipment National Engineering Research Center, plastic mechanical technology development center and national mold research center), 1 national enterprise technology centers, 10 provinces and cities and professional research institutes, 2 specialized industry testing centers, and 10 professional research institutes. A. The industry has over 1000 teaching and research personnel. Professional and technical personnel continue to increase, and scientific research is quite fruitful.

(6) product categories are constantly complete. The main products of China's plastic machine industry can be divided into 4 categories, 19 types, 53 different types and hundreds of varieties. The main products are mixed material equipment, injection molding machine, extrusion production line, hollow molding machine, calendering line, all kinds of two processing equipment and all kinds of supporting facilities. The Department of.

(7) the "three new" results continue to emerge. With the continuous enhancement of scientific and technological innovation, the awareness of independent innovation and the continuous improvement of technical ability, the new technology, new products and new achievements of the whole industry are emerging in endlessly. Among them, the development of new injection molding machine has been successful. In recent years, the new injection molding machines developed by China's plastic machinery enterprises mainly include: disc injection molding machine, micro injection molding machine, all electric injection molding machine.

(8) industrial upgrading is accelerating. After the great leap forward development in the new century, China's plastics machinery industry has entered a new stage that must be promoted through structural optimization and upgrading. Therefore, China's plastic machinery industry must set up and implement Scientific Outlook on Development as the key to the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure, and actively publicize the importance of industrial upgrading to overcome the constraints of resource factors, change the mode of growth, improve the quality and efficiency of growth and enhance the international competitiveness of the industry, and strive to create industrial harmony. We should strengthen the guidance for industrial upgrading, vigorously carry out technical exchanges and technical training, and enhance publicity and recommendation for new technologies, new products and new achievements.

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