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What are the domestic injection models

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What are the domestic injection models? The so-called injection machine is another kind of injection machine, because the full name of the injection machine is called the plastic injection molding machine, so some customers are called injection machine for short. The type of injection machine is almost the same as domestic and overseas. There are three main categories: horizontal injection machine, vertical injection machine and C machine three. And according to the performance characteristics, it can be divided into skateboard, disc machine, liquid silica gel machine, two color machine and so on. At the same time, the machine can also optional servo energy-saving motor, mechanical arm, automation equipment and so on in the time of purchase. So simply speaking, what kinds of models are better than ordering for their own needs? In this way, we can meet the needs of our own production.

How to order the requirements?

At present, almost a large scale domestic manufacturers can customize them according to their own needs. So what do you need to know when choosing friends? In fact, the main parameters of choosing the injection machine are injection volume, clamping force and opening stroke. These three parameters relate to what products the machine can be used to make and how large products can be used. For example, the amount of injection is related to the amount of plastic used in injection products, and clamping force is related to the molding force needed in product injection, so as to ensure the quality of injection molding. The open stroke is related to the size of the die, which indirectly affects the product size. Therefore, according to these parameters, we can choose a suitable machine for their own. In addition, with the development of technology, some customers can choose the skateboard machine or disc machine at the time of production, so the production efficiency will be higher. In addition, there are some machines for individual materials, such as liquid silica gel machine, which is equipped with a unique cartridge to ensure its good sealing, and need to choose a dual color injection molding machine, for example, the need for double color injection.

All of the above problems are some problems we need to consider when choosing injection molding machines. Because each customer's needs and production requirements are different, so we suggest that our production needs and the needs of the machine to the customer service personnel to explain to the professional customer service staff to answer the most accurate.

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