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Pay attention to the vertical injection molding machine and the maintenance of common sense

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People who use vertical injection molding machines should pay attention to their daily maintenance, mechanical life and seven points. Now let's see why we need to maintain and maintain your injection molding machine. First of all, in order to ensure the implementation of the machine's maximum performance state; secondly, timely and correct maintenance can guarantee and prolong the life of the use, reduce the number of maintenance and economic pay; the last point is very real, it is able to ensure the smooth production of production. Now I will explain the maintenance of machine from four angles.

1. Security agencies

(1) whether the ejection protective cover of the machine is normal when working, the safety of the periphery of the injection molding machine and whether the safety door works normally.

 (2) whether the bumper safety adjustment of injection molding machine is reliable when starting.

(3) the working of the air fan inside the machine is normal, the dust above is cleaned regularly, the electrical safety door is loose, the bolts of the high temperature protective cover of the barrel are fixed.

(4) can the emergency brake button work normally and check whether the performance of the electronic circuit is stable.

Two. Mechanical adjustment

(1) regularly check machine gears, templates and lubricants, keep clean and timely add lubricants.

(2) the machine balances the sliding feet, and the pads are uniformly stressed, the level is 0.2mm/m.

(3) machine operation platform position debugging and whole machine level debugging.

(4) determine whether the electric heating device on the dryer, material pipe and mould is working normally.

Three, electrical and computer

(1) regularly check electrical insurance, whole line and computer parameters.

(2) check whether the sensor is good and whether the signal is in place.

(3) 5S electrostatic precipitator is regularly carried out on the electronic control box.

Four. Hydraulic oil road

(1) regularly test hydraulic, fuel tank and lubrication system. 

(2) add lubricating oil to the moving parts in the machine.

(3) filter the hydraulic oil once every half year. 

If you can apply the common sense of maintenance to daily use and nursing, believe that your machine can not only prolong life, but also use it well.

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Contact: Hanna WANG

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Address: Fulong Yangwu Industrial Area, Shipai Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Provice, China

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