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The factors that affect the molding of the vertical injection molding machine

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Vertical injection molding machine will have many factors in the process of molding, so that the products will be defective, such as temperature, injection time and so on. All of the products can be directly affected. Here is a detailed introduction to the following.

One. Temperature

As long as the temperature refers to the temperature of the mold and the heating temperature of the raw material, the temperature of the mold is an essential part of the injection molding. The lower the mold temperature is, the faster the heat conduction is lost, the lower the melt temperature is, the worse the fluidity is. Therefore, it is very important for injection molding to accurately grasp the mold temperature. Next is the heating temperature of raw materials. Some materials need to be heated in raw materials, such as BMC materials, because of their particularity.

Two. Time control of injection molding

The influence of injection time on product quality is mainly in three aspects.

1, injection time is too long, easy to cause the product to pass the best molding temperature, resulting in the final molding is not good.

2, injection time is too short to fully fill the mold, affecting the quality of products.

3, when the injection time is shortened, the shear strain rate in the melt is increased, the higher the shear heat is, and the less heat lost by the heat conduction, so the melt temperature is high, the viscosity is lower, and the injection pressure needed to fill the cavity should also be reduced. This is a summary of the factors that affect the quality of the product when the vertical injection molding machine is formed. We have tested and debugged during the injection production and processing, so we can achieve the best level by debugging many times. Of course, you can also understand their debugging level or inquire about us.

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