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Is Double-color Injection Molding Machine Worth Starting?

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Double-color injection moulding machine is undoubtedly one of the hot topics in plastic market in recent years. Some well-known injection machine suppliers at home and abroad have increased their investment in the field of double-color injection molding machine after seeing the huge potential of Chinese double-color injection machine market. Let's see the performance and price of double-color injection moulding machine.

High performance and energy saving: The system responds quickly after the energy-saving transformation of injection moulding machine. According to their own needs, the power supply can be adjusted quickly, and efficiency of energy utilization of double-color injection moulding machine can be effectively improved, so as to achieve the goal of high efficiency and energy saving.

Good stability: The system controls the pressure and flow in a double closed loop, and determines the supply of the injection machine according to the needs of the injection machine. Under the given input or external disturbance, the system can achieve a new equilibrium state after a short adjustment, or restore to the original equilibrium state.

Fast response: Rapid response is one of the important symbols of dynamic quality of servo system. Due to the short production transition time, generally within 200 ms, in order to meet the requirements of overshoot, after energy-saving transformation, the rising speed is large, the speed of injection moulding machine reaches 1500 rpm, time is less than 0.03 seconds.

High Precision: Modified precision means that the output can follow the input precision. Servo motor adopts permanent magnet technology, with high precision and high speed. Servo motor adopts PLC technology and more precise control. The allowable deviation is generally between 0.01 mm and 0.001 mm.

Improve efficiency and reduce costs: achieve high response, high repeatability, improve speed stability, while using two kinds of raw materials or two kinds of color shaping, greatly reducing technology and manpower, to achieve cost savings.

You see here, whether the double-color injection moulding machine is worth starting, there should be a bottom in mind. What about the price of the double-color injection moulding machine? At present, little editor knows that 200,000RMB or more. The price is reasonable.

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