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Characteristic and Price of Rotary Table Injection Molding Machine

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Rotary table injection moulding machine is a very popular type of vertical injection moulding machine.But many people don't know about it. Today Taifu will talk about the price and characteristics of rotary table injection moulding machine.

Under the action of screw, the granular plastic stored in the hopper moves along spiral groove.Because of the combination of external heating and screw shearing, plastics are heated and softened continuously, and finally melted.At the same time, the screw head melt force pushes the screw back.By changing the screw back pressure (working oil backflow resistance), adjusting screw backflow speed and changing plastic flow conditions in screw groove, the purpose of controlling plasticizing properties of plastics is finally achieved.For example, increasing back pressure can improve the homogenization of molten metal and increase melt temperature, which will also affect screw conveying capacity.

rotary table injection moulding machine

When the screw retreats, its actual working length changes, resulting in a decrease in plasticizing capacity.The plastic temperature after melting deviates greatly in the axial direction of the screw, and increases with the increase of injection stroke and screw speed.Therefore, using linear relationship between back pressure and melt temperature, back pressure can be dynamically adjusted according to actual material temperature to compensate for axial temperature difference caused by the shortening of effective length of screw in pre-forming process.Similarly, by adjusting back pressure and rotational speed, it can ensure that there are larger shear force and lower rotational speed under high back pressure, so as to make plasticization uniform.At low back pressure and low speed, the moment of inertia of the screw is very small due to the release of most of melt material pressure in the front of the screw.

At present, the price of rotary table injection moulding machine varies from 100,000 to 400,000, even more than this price, depending on the specific needs of customers to customize.

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