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How Much is a Vertical Injection Molding Machine

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With the rapid development of plastics industry, the status of injection molding machine has been continuously improved, becoming one of the largest number of machines in a large number of plastic machinery production. In this era of new products, the vertical injection molding machine has obtained the rapid development!

But how to buy a vertical injection molding machine? Vertical injection with vertical clamping, upper mould moving and lower mould fixed. Vertical injection moulding machine is the best scheme of embedded injection moulding. If you want to choose a suitable injection machine, you can focus on four elements of vertical injection machine: min-max mould thickness, injection volume, product precision and clamping force.

vertical injection moulding machine

As for purchasing, how much is a vertical injection moulding machine? There are many kinds of vertical injection moulding machines, such as single slide injection moulding machine, double-slide injection moulding machine, disc injection moulding machine, etc. For different plastic products, there are different types of machines, and prices are also different. At present, the price of vertical injection moulding machine varies from 20,000 to 300,000 approximately. Specific price, according to different model.

Taifu is a professional manufacturer of vertical injection moulding machine. For understanding how much a vertical injection moulding machine is, Taifu can give you professional answers. Welcome calls and letters!

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