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Taifu Employees Training How to Do E-commerce

source:   time:2019-04-28   Click:1499

Today's era is the Internet era, the era of data. Trade has also shifted from traditional trade to online trade. Last month, Taifu Machinery organized employees of network department do to outside for e-commerce training. E-commerce is a commercial activity with information network technology as the means and commodity exchange as the center.

Among the courses, two are free online promotion and online marketing operation management. In order to let customers know our products, we need to carry out promotion. And there are many promotion channels, such as baidu series, we-media, video platform and so on. And implement of promotion, need to compile copy which need to seek material and process material. 

After promotion comes marketing, and there are many marketing channels. One of them is question&answer marketing, and common q&a platform  there are Baidu know and Zhihu q&a etc,. Question and answer marketing first is to prepare a question&answer account, then is to answer the question, and then to plan the question, and finally is the most important is to "nourish" the account.

Although it is just a few days of courses, but the staff came back with fruitful results. The knowledge learned is priceless. Taifu insists that training staff is the right choice. And the concept of Taifu: continuous progress, professional attitude, teamwork.

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